Haiti Earthquake

Date: January 12,  2010
Magnitude: 7.0
Victims: 222.570

On January 12, 2010, a violent earthquake shook the Republic of Haiti.

European Union countries have responded to the emergency by activating the European Civil Protection Mechanism, which allows the European Commission to coordinate the assistance by member countries.

Among these, Italy is one of the first to offer assistance to the population and on January 13, the Cabinet declares the State of Emergency, in order to promptly organize and offer humanitarian help. In the National system are included the General Direction for Development and Cooperation  of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italian Civil Protection Department, Ministry of Defence and Italian Red Cross.

On January 19, a decree assigned to Under - secretary Guido Bertolaso the coordination of all the activities for Haiti carried out by local administrations and Haiti National Board, along with the Civil Protection support. Two days after the decree, the Chief of Civil Protection landed in Haiti in order to evaluate which actions were needed and to meet with local authorities, representatives from international organizations and from other countries involved.