Deployed Forces


Few hours after the earthquake the whole National Civil Protection Service is active on the ground. Among them central and peripheral State administrations, operational structures, national health service, centers of scientific expertise, providers of essential services and voluntary service.

Every unit of the system has been committed - with specific roles and tasks - in the emergency management.

The National Body of the Fire Fighters, Armed Forces, Police Forces, Italian Red Cross, National Alpine Rescue and Speleological Corps, National Health Service worked together to overcome the emergency. They have been active in research and rescue of victims, assistance to the population, building regulations inspections, restoration of the road system, rubble removal, recovery and securing of cultural heritage.

In this occasion, also the providers of essential services (electricity, gas, water, roads) played a key role in recovery, network monitoring and assistance to citizens.

Thousands of civil protection volunteers worked on the ground, from both national and local organizations. They have been mainly engaged in activities of assistance to the population, although they  also supported coordination centers in the area and local health services.

Data reported in this section are updated to March 31, 2017 and refer to the activities coordinated by the Command and Control Headquarters established in Rieti on August 28, 2016. The structure operated until April 7, 2017.