Activation of the National Service of Civil Protection


Immediately, the Civil Protection Department activated its emergency unit with all the assistance functions so as to organize - in coordination with the effected regions - the emergency services and assistance to the stricken population, and the necessary provisional measures.
Simultaneously, the Department Head convened the Civil Protection Operational Committee , which met at 6.00 on 20 May and remained active until May 23.
On a local level, these centers were made operational for emergency management.

In Emilia Romagna:

-a relief coordination centre at Ferrara

- Municipal operation centres at Bondeno, Cento, Ferrara, Mirabello, Poggio Renatico, Sant’Agostino, Vigarano Mainarda
- a relief coordination centre at Modena
- Minicipal operation centres at Bonporto, Carpi, Camposanto, Cavezzo, Concordia, Finale Emilia, Mendolla, Mirandola, Novi di Modena, S. Felice sul Panaro, Soliera, San Possidonio, San Prospero and Modena
- a relief coordination centre at Bologna
- a relief coordination centre at Reggio Emilia

In Lombardy

- a relief centre at Mantova
- a municipal operation centre at Moglia.

Immediately, following the event all the volunteer organizations of national importance - the Italian Red Cross and the National Body of Mountain Rescue - and regional modules of volunteers and Autonomous Provinces are activated. In Emilia Romagna, coordinating organizations intervene in the stricken provinces (Bologna, Modena and Ferrara), under the Regional Civil Protection Agency coordination and subsequently, all the other provinces.