Beni culturali


The earthquake of April 6, 2009 also caused serious damage to the cultural heritage of the Abruzzo Region and the city of L'Aquila.  After the first emergency phase, during which the priority was to assist the population, the damage detection was carried out by the mixed teams formed by the staff of Mibact (Regional Directorate and Superintendence of Architectural Heritage) and university groups called upon to collaborate with the Civil Protection System. A deputy commissioner coordinated inspections, checks on the practicability, safety and recovery of the artistic heritage.

The inspection of the whole monumental heritage were about 1,800: of which 1,045 in churches and 700 on buildings.  Many churches have been restored and reopened thanks to the project "A church for Christmas" and 3 temporary ecclesiastical MEP-Modules have been built to replace the churches destroyed or damaged by the earthquake.

Finally, about 5,000 movable artistic goods and more than 400,000 books have been recovered.