Assistance to the population

Volunteers from the Regional Mobile Columns of Puglia and Molise set up the reception area for the population, which provides 250 beds in 30 tents. Initially located in the stadium area of Durres, then moved to the town of Vorë, where the need for assistance in terms of accommodation was greater. These tents are equipped with electrical systems designed to accommodate people during the winter season.
The area will later be managed by Albanian volunteers. Only one tent is left in Durazzo to accommodate a family of six people, including one with disabilities.

The Department also sent a healthcare team with the task of contacting the Albanian Health System and receiving any requests for assistance. 
In fact, the Albanian Ministry of Health expressed the need to transfer at least two highly critical patients to Italy. For the first time, the MEDEVAC-Medical evacuation module, coordinated by the Department is adopted, which provides for the use of a helicopter and an airplane provided by AREU 118 Lombardia, to take charge, transport and hospitalize Albanian patients at the Policlinico di Bari.
The Department also activated the National Health Referents System - CROSS, which allows the availability in a few hours of hundreds of beds in the Intensive Care Unit in the various Italian hospitals, as well as 20 Helicopters of the 118 Services.

At the port of Durres there is a base camp and a storage area for Italian rescuers.