Le donazioni


Fernanda Contri, former Vice President of the Constitutional Court, elected President of the Committee of GuarantorsFranco Marini, Abruzzi and former President of the Senate

To ensure transparency and proper management of donations received from current accounts made available by the Department, a Board of Trustees was established on May 28 by a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of May 29, 2009 Similarly, the same solution was adopted in 2004 for projects in support of Sri Lanka affected by the tsunami.


  • Sen. Franco Marini, abruzzese ed ex Presidente del Senato
  • Dott. Cesare Mirabelli, former President of the Constitutional Court
  • Dott. Vito d'Ambrosio, President of the Marche Region during the period in which the Region was hit by the earthquake of 1997 (since 2010 replaced by Prof. Germani)
  • Prof.Natalino Irti, from Abruzzo and member of the Accademia dei Lincei
  • Avv. Fernanda Contri, ex Vice Presidente della Corte Costituzionale, eletta Presidente del Comitato dei Garanti


From solidarity numbers

€ 19.400.000

rm bank account and other donations

€ 48.600.000


€ 68.000.000


Area of intervention

Solidarity resources used

Realization of structure for C.A.S.E. Project

€ 38.600.000

realization of two schools ( in Barete and Arsita)

€   2.250.000

Recovery of the Church of San Biagio in Amiternum


€   1.700.000


€   1.200.000

Health assistance

€   1.400.000


€   5.000.000

Kindergarten, Library, Theatre

€   3.300.000

Restoration of Pile Polyfunctional Centre


€   1.800.000

Disabled centre "Pagliare di Sassa"


€  1.200.000

Paganica Clinic

€  1.320.000

Voluntary Associations Square

€     160.000

“S. Gregorio” sport centre

€     180.000

 Celestino V Complex

€ 3.100.000

Studenti AQ polyfunctional centre

€ 3.500.000

Restoration of Linear Accelerator functionality


€    341.000

A. Casella Auditorium 

€    749.000

Kindergarten restoration  “Casetta fantasia”

€    300.000

Square Park D’Armi

€    500.000

Purchase of hospital equipment


€ 1.400.000