Attività di comunicazione


The Communication function has carried out information and communication activities addressed to the population involved in the emergency.  In addition to the institutional website, which has daily followed the emergency activities in a dedicated section, the Department has introduced new communication tools to respond directly to the needs of citizens of the seismic zone.


  • 1,423,540 thousand visitors (until the handover to the Abruzzo Region)
  • 5,300 click per day: average number of  access over the nine months
  • about 430 news published
  • more than 90 simplified acts and documents

26 numbers of which:

  • 13 distributed in 8,000 copies for each numbers
  • plus two attachments distributed in 40,000 copies
  • 1 distributed in 20,000 copies
  • 1 distributed in 30,000 copies
  • 2 Special 5 and 6 months in 50,000 copies

From August to December 2009, it dealt with measures, facilities and contributions made available to the citizens of Abruzzo for reconstruction.  The main theme is the image of a toolbox, which associates each tool with a particular contribution to repair or rebuild their homes:

  • 45 publications on local newspapers
  • 72  billboards in service areas
  • 12 billboards in L'Aquila
  • 34thousand flyers
  • 28thousand depliant
  • 34thousand brochure
  • 6thousand posters
  • 58 screens in the cinemas where the campaign commercial was show 

The stems from the collaboration between the Department of Civil Protection that ideated, promoted and coordinated it until the handover to the Commissioner for Reconstruction, the Department of Public Administration - Formez, the Abruzzo Region, the Province, the Municipality and the Prefecture of L'Aquila.  The aim is to bring citizens and institutions closer together and to promote the exit from the emergency and the return to normality.


13 October: opening of the Urp at the Guardia di Finanza School in Coppito

4 December: activation of the green number 800 155 300

28 February: completion of the handover



  • back-office operators: 15
  • Front-office operators: 10


  • Total: 18,036
  • On the green number 800 155 300: 9.966
  • At the counter: 8,070
  • 90% requests: satisfied by front-office operators
  • 10% requests: questions passed to the back office

Average number of questions per day

  • Totale: 131,6
  • Headquartered: 69,8
  • By phone: 112,2
  • Maximum number of requests per day: 308

Themes of requests

  • Progetto Case: 50%
  • hotels accomodation: 13%
  • Housing maintenance: 10%
  • Housing fornitures: 6%