The system of reception and assistance to the Ukrainian population

Vysnè Nemeckè (Slovacchia), 22 marzo 2022 – Cittadini ucraini al valico di frontiera con la Slovacchia

The Department has developed the Plan for the reception and assistance of the population from Ukraine to uniform the response to the emergency on the national territory. This plan integrates the document on the First operational indications for the planning and management of reception and assistance of people from Ukraine.

With the operational indications issued on May 9, 2022, the Plan has been integrated with the measures of widespread reception to be implemented by the third sector and social private subjects.


Border Police, UNHCR representatives and civil protection volunteers carry out monitoring activities at the national borders in order to identify the flow of Ukrainian citizens arriving in Italy and verify the need for support and assistance.

The Ukrainian citizens who do not have an autonomous accommodation hosted by relatives or friends receive the basic necessities. Subsequently, the search for suitable accommodation among those available in the reception system starts.

The Presidents of the Regions, Delegated Commissioners, and the Presidents of the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, coordinate in their own territory the organization of rescue, assistance and reception activities for the population coming from Ukraine. Each region has set up a structure of coordination integrated with the state and local components that operates in conjunction with the Third Sector and Social Private subjects and, if present, local representatives of the Ukrainian community.

The aim is to have a constantly updated overview of the assistance provided to the Ukrainian population on the territory and information on available reception facilities, the management of transit and first reception areas and the transfer to the facilities appropriately identified.
The search for the availability of facilities, among those provided in the reception system and in the subsidiary system, is carried out according to the procedure already defined in the First Operational Guidelines: the different levels of coordination, from regional to national, operate according to the principle of subsidiarity in order to ensure the necessary support to the most affected territories that may represent particular criticality.

In case of necessity, if the incoming flows are incompatible with the activation timing of the reception system, the regional coordinators verify the availability of places in temporary accommodation previously identified (hotels and accommodation facilities, religious institutions), able to accommodate Ukrainian citizens for the time necessary to transfer to other structures of the reception network.
Where there is no availability in the reception system or regional structures, the national competition will be provided by the DiComaC., which operates at the Department of Civil Protection and is in constant liaison with all regional coordinating structures, the central State Administrations, international organizations and the Ukrainian community in Italy.

In order to guarantee assistance in our country to the Ukrainians fleeing from the war, a system has been defined that provides for different forms of support complementary to each other, and that integrates that ordinarily provided for asylum seekers and refugees, also in anticipation of significant arrivals.

CAS and SAI. The national network for the ordinary reception of asylum seekers and refugees is composed of the CAS - Centro di Accoglienza Straordinaria (Extraordinary Reception Centers) and the SAI - Sistema Accoglienza Integrazione (Integration Reception System). The structures of the CAS are identified by the Prefectures, the SAI system consists of the network of local authorities that, with the support of the third sector, guarantee integrated reception interventions. The network has been further strengthened to respond to the current situation with 8,000 additional places.

Reception. The Decree-Law no. 21 of March 21, 2022 has identified additional reception procedures to implement with the support of municipalities, third sector and private social actors. A call for expressions of interest addressed to Third Sector and Social Private entities will be published on this website soon, in order to identify suitable structures to provide assistance and widespread reception services, up to a maximum of 15 thousand places.

At the end of the activities carried out by a specially appointed Commission, 29 expressions of interest were positively evaluated, for a total of 17,012 places offered.
Together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and the National Association of Italian Municipalities, the Civil Protection Department will sign special agreements with each of the proposing bodies that have presented the manifestations judged positively. Through the DiComaC, the Department will provide the coordinating structures of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces with lists of the availability of widespread reception provided in the agreements.
The widespread reception activities will be implemented throughout the country, according to the territorial areas in which the organizations operate, until December 31, 2022. Up to 15,000 places will be activated, with priority to the areas where there is higher demand for permanence from Ukrainian citizens.

In order to better define the modalities and the period of assistance, the Department has prepared the operational indications for the management of the availability of widespread reception in the national territory for the population coming from Ukraine.
The measure of widespread reception is intended primarily for people now temporarily located in hotel facilities and accommodation identified by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, to which can be added people arriving in Italy from Ukraine and finally those who have initially found independent accommodation but need a new accommodation. In the event that the availability of accommodation is not sufficient to cover the needs of an area, the DiComaC - following the recommendation of the coordinating structures of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces concerned - will identify the Region or Autonomous Province with sufficient availability of accommodation, according to geographical proximity or preference of destination of citizens from Ukraine.

The solutions provided by the widespread reception should be considered, after verifying the availability of CAS and SAI and excluding facilities hosting persons with disabilities, the main reception option together with the subsistence allowance.

The subsistence allowance consists of 300 euros per month for each Ukrainian citizen, holder of temporary protection, who has found autonomous accommodation. The adult holder of legal guardianship, or foster parent, also receives a contribution of 150 euros per month for each minor under 18 years of age. The contribution is paid for a maximum of 90 days, starting from the date of presentation of the request for temporary protection. The subsistence allowance can be requested through the platform: 
A vademecum in Italian, English and Ukrainian is available for detailed information on the requirements and methods of applying for the contribution.

The Commissioner delegated for the coordination of assistance to unaccompanied minors from Ukraine, Perfect Francesca Ferrandino, has adopted a Plan that defines the activities carried out by the institutional bodies involved in various ways in the homogeneous management of the reception of unaccompanied foreign minors on the national territory.

In particular, the Plan provides guidelines for the identification and census of unaccompanied foreign minors on the Italian territory, the reception system, the monitoring of host structures, and the modalities of temporary foster care. 

The second part of the Plan provides for measures related to health care and education to ensure mandatory vaccination requirements and the access to the school system for unaccompanied foreign minors

The Plan also contains an Addendum that establishes procedures to improve communication flows to ensure reception in the event of transfers of unaccompanied foreign minors from Ukraine to our country.

To prevent and control any incidents of minors' disappearance or abandonment from host structures, the Commissioner has adopted a new section of the Plan drafted in collaboration with the Extraordinary Commissioner for Missing Persons, the Supervisory Authority for Children, the Department of Public Security, and the Ministries of Justice, Labor and Social Policy, and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The section contains guidelines to prevent these episodes and, and should they occur, intervene promptly through the activation and search operation to reduce the period that may impact the outcome of the search.