#OffroAiuto, the platform for donations to help the Ukrainian population

Piattaforma #OffroAiuto Emergenza Ucraina

The Civil Protection Department has launched #OffroAiuto: the Platform that allows citizens, companies and institutions of the Third Sector or Social Private subjects to offer goods, services and housing to help the Ukrainian population. 

The aim of the platform is to create a tool to help the emergency management and to meet the urgent needs of Ukrainian citizens. The database will also provide a dinamic response to the different needs that may arise over time in an emergency scenario in continuous evolution.

To help, access the website offroaiuto-emergenzaucraina.protezionecivile.gov.it, select the type of offer, fill in the form and then confirm your offer by mobile phone. It is possible to add several offers: in this case, for a more efficient data management it is necessary to fill in one form per each offer.

Offers for goods, services and housing will be sent to the emergency coordination structures, civil protection voluntary organizations, Third Sector or Social Private subjects involved in the activities of reception and support to the population.

Who is in charge for the management of the donation?
Your offer is evaluated and managed by the emergency coordination structures, the civil protection voluntary organizations, the Third Sector or Social Private subjects involved in activities of reception and support to the Ukrainian population. 

Can I submit multiple offers?
Yes. In order to ensure a more efficient data management, please fill in a form for each offer. 

Why as citizen I cannot donate goods?
The management of many small donations during an emergency can be very time-consuming in terms of catalog, collection and organization. The availability of large amounts of goods already tracked and prepared for transport as in the case of corporate donations - is preferred in order to satisfy the needs of people in the shortest possible time. 

Why didn't I get contacted after the submission of my offer?
The needs of the assisted population during an emergency are many and may change throughout time. If you have not been contacted yet, it is possible that at this time your offer does not meet the needs of the assisted people, or that there is sufficient availability of the goods, services, and accommodations you offered.

I tried to submit my offer but I ran into a problem. What should I do?
If you run into a technical problem during the filling in procedure (e.g. you did not receive the confirmation sms or email) you can contact the helpdesk by email at apps@protezionecivile.it. You will be contacted as soon as possible to manage and solve your problem.

I want to submit my offer but I need more information. Who should I contact?
For further information on the emergency management and on the offers you can send using this platform, please contact the Contact Center of the Civil Protection Department. If the information you need are related to a problem in filling in the form, please contact the helpdesk at the following address apps@protezionecivile.it.

Why, as Third Sector category or Social Private subject, am I not eligible to offer hospitality?
The housing resources of Third Sector categories or Social Private subjects are part of a specific recognition, provided in the National Plan for Reception and Assistance.